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All It Takes is Practice: Workshops for Success (and A+’s)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

blog post picWe are one month into the semester and classes are in full swing. Are you drowning in assignments and exams? Do you feel overwhelmed by the fact that you’re expected to be proficient with doing research and using citations already? Are you wondering how you can improve your grades and ace your classes? Drop in on one or more of our Academic Skills Workshops and find out what you can do to level up your research and study skills.

Delivered by librarians and instructors, the Academic Skills Workshops provide small class instruction and practice on academic skills essential to succeed in university-level courses.

The sessions include:

  • Student Success: A+ Study skills
  • Student Success: Exam Writing Strategies
  • Sentences: Structure & Style
  • Critical Reading: Thinking, Responding, Notetaking
  • Writing With Other People’s Ideas: Paraphrasing and Summarizing
  • Writing With Other People’s Ideas: Quoting & Citing
  • Editing Strategies: Avoiding Common Errors
  • Researching: Academic vs Popular Sources
  • Documenting Sources: APA & References
  • Documenting Sources: MLA & Works Cited

The workshops are currently running in Kelowna and Penticton Campus and open to anyone who wants to attend. All you need to do is check the workshop schedule on our library website and drop in to any session that interests you and fits in with your schedule. No registration necessary. Vernon and Salmon Arm also hold similar workshops based on current student needs. You can find out more about their current workshops on the library website.

You are in control of your own success, and like everything else, being a successful college student requires practice. So take advantage of the workshops and other help available in the library and make your college career go swimmingly!

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