Top 10 Library Hacks

library hacks.jpgYou use the Library to study, you’ve checked out a book or two, and you’ve even surfed through a database to find articles. It’s time to level-up your library skills. Here are our top 10 easy library hacks:

#1: Get specific. Our librarians have curated subject-specific research guides with links to databases, websites, and more – plus great research advice for your assignments.

#2: Who needs Netflix? The library has access to thousands of streaming videos. From Canadian classics at the NFB to the latest in documentaries from Kanopy. You are sure to find a film applicable to your research.

#3: Anatomy colouring books are old school: you need It includes 19 body system modules, complete with clear 3D images, comprehensive text, clinical and case studies, learning objectives and quizzes.

#4: Citation shortcut in Word on a PC: Highlight your citation, then use Ctrl+t to automatically apply the hanging indent.

#5: Book a Kelowna study room online through myOkanagan. This video will show you how.

#6: Study longer: Your Campus Library has extended hours during exam seasons.

#7: Not on-campus? Use AskAway, the online chat reference service. Library professionals will answer your questions about citations, research, using databases, and more.

#8: Beat the bank with textbooks from the library. We’ve bought e-book versions of more than 100 course textbooks. To get the list, and all the details, read our blog post.

#9: Renew your library books from the comfort of your couch. Here’s how.

#10: The best library hack of all? Talking to your campus library staff – we really care about your success! Got a question? Ask us!

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