How to save big $$ on textbooks

green piggy bankStudent finances are tight, and buying textbooks can take a big chunk of change out of your wallet. Your OC Library can help you put money back into your piggybank! Here’s how.

Libraries have always been big believers in equal access to information, and textbooks are no exception.  That’s why we’re very proud to offer more than 100 e-books for OC courses free to you, our students.

These e-books allow for unlimited users, most are downloadable*, and ALL are free to you, the student. The caveat: you must be an OC student to use these textbooks (log-in required off-campus).

How do you find out whether the textbook you need is available as an e-book? Click HERE for the list. You’ll find the e-books listed by course name. You can also find these titles by searching OCtopus.

This initiative was funded by an OC Innovation Grant. We would love to hear how access to free textbooks has impacted you! To learn more about open access resources, and how to advocate for affordable textbooks, check out these resources:

*You may need additional free accounts to download e-books through the Library. If you want to read e-book offline you may require a myEBSCOhost account, a free AdobeID, Adobe Digital Editions software or App, or the BlueFire e-reader app. All are free to download through the App Store, Google Play, or online. Access your myEBSCOhost account using the link at the top of your OCtopus search result pages.

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