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Campus Libraries: Beyond the Book

Monday, October 16, 2017

You’ve got school suppliesyour textbooks, you’ve written the dreaded first assignment, and you’re settled into the school year. You’re ready to go beyond that orientation speed-tour of the library. You probably already know that we’ve got books (lots & lots of books), that you can find help here with citations, research, and reference questions, and that it’s a great place to hang out & study or use a desktop computer. But there’s much more in your campus library!

Laptopsdell laptop

Our number one circulating item! Laptops are free to rent for the day, so long as they’re returned before the library closes. Keep it overnight for just $5.00, or for an entire week for $25.00.  Laptops are loaded with Microsoft Office Suite.  Laptops are very popular during midterms and finals, and we’ve occasionally run out, so get yours early during busy times.

Important:  the laptop drives are wiped after each and every student use, so your information is never saved and safely destroyed. If you don’t want to LOSE your work, you must SAVE it to a flash drive, upload it to an online storage site (e.g. Dropbox), or e-mail it to yourself.

Study Rooms

Number two on the popularity list! There are study rooms reserved for student use at all campuses. Most have whiteboards and LCD display screens; this full listing shows you all locations & details. For Kelowna campus study rooms, use the online booking system  in MyOkanagan or start here. For other campuses, check the library service desk for sign-up sheets and more info.

Print Vouchers print voucher

In order to print in the library or anywhere on campus, you’ll need to add money into a printing account. This can be done in two ways: 1) Buy a Pay per Print Card 2) Deposit money into your account via PayPal. Print cards are for sale at library Circulation desks (cash only) or through the Bookstore on Kelowna campus. Printing costs:

  • $0.10/b&w page; $0.40/color page *single sided printing*
  • $0.18/b&w page; $0.38/color page *double sided printing*

Print cards come in 3 denominations:

  • $2- about 20 pages
  • $5- about 50 pages
  • $10- about 100 pages

Chargers, calculators, a slice of Raspberry Pi & seeds of all sorts

Your phone’s dying, you need a calculator for an exam, or  you’re an NTEN student finishing up a coding assignment? We loan phone chargers (Apple & Android), different types of calculators (including scientific), and – in Kelowna – a Raspberry pi.

And if you’re in Vernon, you should check out the Kalamalka Seed Library, and try growing a unique, local fruit or vegetable.

There are also adaptors, flash drives, headphones, and DVD players/DVD writers. Borrow a pen, pencil, ruler, take a paper clip, staple your papers, hole punch those course notes and – as always – check  out your books. But remember:

Library Staff are your best resource!All library staff

We may not have the answer to every question, but we know how to find it or point you to someone who does.

That’s our goal here in the library: to help our OC students succeed. So come in & visit, and let us help YOU succeed.

Sowing Seeds of Change

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

seed untold story

The Kalamalka Seed Library, housed at the Vernon campus library of Okanagan College, first germinated in the fall of 2013.  Today, the seed library contains dozens of non-GMO varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

The Kalamalka Seed Library received generous start-up grants from the Bauta Family Initiative.  Mrs. Gretchen Bauta’s vision, in partnership with USC Canada and Seeds of Diversity, is to secure a thriving Canadian seed system. For our part, the Kalamalka Seed Library strives to select, save and share our best local seeds.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN estimates 75% of crop diversity has disappeared in the last century as farmers have lost their local varieties to imported, genetically uniform varieties.  Thus, saving seed is critical to biodiversity and the resilience of food sources amidst diverse climates, soils and stresses. By saving and sharing our best seeds the Kalamalka Seed Library can expand seed diversity and nurture varieties for their strength and ability to adapt to changing conditions without giving up food rights to corporate owned modifications.

In an effort to draw awareness to seed security, The Kalamalka Seed Library will be hosting a community screening of, Seed the Untold Story.  As many irreplaceable seeds near extinction, SEED reveals the harrowing and heartening story of passionate seed keepers as they wage a David and Goliath battle against chemical seed companies, defending a 12,000 year food legacy.

Join us for this important screening!

  • Date:  Friday, October 27th
  • Time:  7:00 pm
  • Place:  Lecture Theatre, Okanagan College, Vernon Campus
  • Cost: $2

International Student Support at the Library

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

international blog

Are you new to Canada? Are you new to citations and other research skills essential to your success at Okanagan College? The Library is here to help!

Every year, hundreds of international students from more than 50 countries around the world come to Okanagan College to study in programs that range from government accredited degrees and diplomas to English as Second Language classes. To support the increasing number of international students, OC Library now has a dedicated librarian to liaise with ESL and International Education departments. This role is currently filled by Elise Tung (x4624

As the Learning Services Librarian, Elise provides information literacy instruction and research help to international students, and works to ensure Library collections and services meet the needs of students and faculty. Elise, along with Public Services Librarian Erin May, also works with faculty from the Arts & Foundational Program to deliver academic skills workshops. These include library workshops focusing on how to select and evaluate information sources and how to cite in APA and MLA formats. They are held weekly in the Kelowna Library Lab L203, and all are welcome to attend!

The Kelowna Library also has a collection of ESL resources, including easy reading fiction organized by reading level in the Literacy Zone as well as practice workbooks for English proficiency tests on the upper level. The Learning Centre in the library provides further one-on-one support to both ESL and domestic students as well as Online Study Resources.

OC Library recognizes that international students face unique challenges as newcomers to Canada, and along with faculty and the International Education Department, we aim to provide integral support to ensure that every student has the tools and skills to succeed at Okanagan College. So come and visit us!

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