New Semester, New Faces

All library staffWelcome to Fall semester 2017! So much excitement, so many changes – and the library is no exception. We’ve got a new, streamlined look on our website, major behind-the-scenes upgrades to online resources, new books on the shelves, and new faces at our service desks. Come in and welcome these new (and returning!) library team members:


  • Lindsay Willson will be Kelowna’s Campus Librarian while Michelle Ward  is away on leave for 2017-18.
  • Jill Sinotte is away on maternity leave, and Elise Tung has joined us for the year to cover as Learning Services Librarian.
  • Erin May will cover the part-time term position as Public Services/Liaison Librarian.
  • Claudia Valencia returns from her year of leave, and is back as Library Tech II.
  • Danielle LaRocque joins the Kelowna Learning Centre as part-time English & Writing Coordinator.
  • Welcome to two new auxilliary staff members: Eric Chamberland and Gillian Treschow
  • Another big change coming down the pike: Claudia Cable, a backbone of the library for 29 years, retires in October. Tough shoes to fill! She’ll be missed by staff & students alike.


  • Anne Caughlan takes over as part-time sessional Library Clerk III, a vacancy created by Debbie Idzan’s retirement.


  • Paula Casorso, Library Clerk III, returns from leave.

Remember: no matter which campus you’re at, you’ll find a team of helpful, professional, knowledgeable library staff to help make your 2017-18 academic year a success!

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