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The Power of Words

Monday, September 25, 2017

BlogPhoto1by Erin May

From September 24-September 30, it is Banned Books Week. What does this mean—is the library banning books? This week celebrates quite the opposite. Banned Books Week, organized by the American Library Association (ALA), celebrates “free and open access to information.”1 Even when books contain controversial or unpopular opinions and themes, individuals have the right to access and read these books. However, many individuals and institutions have challenged these books and their right to remain on shelves in schools and libraries. This contradicts the right to intellectual freedom.

Intellectual freedom is the right to access and read information from any point of view, without restrictions.2 This means that anyone should be allowed to read any book, on any topic, without worrying that they will not be allowed to do so. Censorship, or suppressing ideas that certain groups find objectionable, directly contradicts this idea. Because banning books is a form of censorship, it goes against the idea of intellectual freedom. Without this freedom, individuals cannot make their own decisions about gathering ideas to inform themselves about the world.


Flip for Flipster!

Monday, September 18, 2017

by Erin May


Update: Our Flipster trial has ended. Thank you for your interest!

OC library is getting something new! Flipster is an online magazine platform that you can use to read new and back issues of 30 magazines. From Popular Science to Comics and Gaming, Car and Driver to Food Network Magazine, we have something for you to read!

Ready to give Flipster a try? Now, you can browse through titles from Animation to Vogue. When you have found the magazine you want to look at, click the cover photo to start reading. “All issues” on the right hand side will point you to back issues of the magazine, and “pages” lets you flip directly to a page in the issue you’re reading. You can even print from Flipster, but the number of pages depends on the magazine.

Spend some time in Flipster, and you’ll find the perfect article for your assignment, a fun read for the weekend, maybe even the perfect recipe for dinner! Sports, science, leisure, business–these are just some of the topics covered by these magazines. Don’t forget that you can ask us at the library if you have any questions about Flipster!

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Science Literacy Week 2018

Friday, September 15, 2017


Celebrate your inner scientist during Science Literacy Week!

From September 17-23, Science Literacy Week (SLW) takes science out of the classroom and into the community, highlighting the wonder, magic, and excitement of science.

SLW began in 2014 as the brainchild of Jesse Hildebrand. A recent university grad, he wanted to share his love of science and get science books off library shelves and into the hands of readers. Clearly, his energy and passion for science is infectious: from a single city with 5 events in 2014, the week has mushroomed into a festival of science in more than 40 cities across Canada, with hundreds of scheduled events.

This year’s week will focus on space, with the Canadian Space Agency signed on as a special partner (watch astronaut David Saint-Jacques’ special invitation to participate here).  With everything from Lego building to genetic workshops, stargazing to makerspace explorations, there’s an activity for everyone. Plus, there are online webinars, and a host of local events right here in Kelowna. For a complete list of events, check out the SLW website at

Of course, OC Library loves literacy of all stripes! Come visit our campus libraries and check out our Science Literacy Week displays, which pull together a sampling of the thousands of science-related resources that live in the library’s collection. For more info, check out our Science Literacy guide. Plus, watch our Facebook feed, and follow us on Twitter @OC_Lib for science shout-outs all week long.

New Semester, New Faces

Thursday, September 7, 2017

All library staffWelcome to Fall semester 2017! So much excitement, so many changes – and the library is no exception. We’ve got a new, streamlined look on our website, major behind-the-scenes upgrades to online resources, new books on the shelves, and new faces at our service desks. Come in and welcome these new (and returning!) library team members:


  • Lindsay Willson will be Kelowna’s Campus Librarian while Michelle Ward  is away on leave for 2017-18.
  • Jill Sinotte is away on maternity leave, and Elise Tung has joined us for the year to cover as Learning Services Librarian.
  • Erin May will cover the part-time term position as Public Services/Liaison Librarian.
  • Claudia Valencia returns from her year of leave, and is back as Library Tech II.
  • Danielle LaRocque joins the Kelowna Learning Centre as part-time English & Writing Coordinator.
  • Welcome to two new auxilliary staff members: Eric Chamberland and Gillian Treschow
  • Another big change coming down the pike: Claudia Cable, a backbone of the library for 29 years, retires in October. Tough shoes to fill! She’ll be missed by staff & students alike.


  • Anne Caughlan takes over as part-time sessional Library Clerk III, a vacancy created by Debbie Idzan’s retirement.


  • Paula Casorso, Library Clerk III, returns from leave.

Remember: no matter which campus you’re at, you’ll find a team of helpful, professional, knowledgeable library staff to help make your 2017-18 academic year a success!

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