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Wine in the Library

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer is peak time for wine touring in the Okanagan. Our campus libraries have a cluster of amazing resources to help any wine aficionado make the most of their sips. In fact, we have dedicated guide to all things wine. And of course, we have plenty of books to peruse on the subject. Here are just a few of the new books we’ve recently added to the collection:

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Come browse the shelves at TP 559 to see even more.

While you’re reading about wine, why not consider the ultimate deep dive into the subject? Pursue a course of study in the wine industry at Okanagan College. Programs include our new viticulture technician program, wine sales certificate, and winery assistant programs. Find more information here. To dip your toes into the barrel of wine learning, why not take the free, online BC Wine Server course, developed by Okanagan College in collaboration with the British Columbia Wine Institute.

Or maybe you’d like to be the most informed person at your next dinner party? Be the first to know about upcoming OC food & wine workshops by joining the Okanagan College Food & Wine Interest list. Email to join.

Any way you crush the grape, there’s plenty to learn here at Okanagan College!


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