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100th Anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

vimy mapSunday, April 9, 2017, was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. You may have missed the commemoration activities, being occupied with end of semester preparation, but with the 150th anniversary of Canada coming — and all that free time in the summer — you can catch up on this historic battle. Vimy Ridge was an important moment in World War I, and in the history of our young nation.

First, you can dust off your knowledge of the battle of Vimy Ridge with this documentary from the CBC, and this short read on the Veterans Affairs website.

You may have not been able to join the thousands of your fellow Canadian students who made the trip to Vimy to pay tribute to those who fought 100 years ago, but you can do a virtual visit of the battle site on The Vimy Foundation website. Canada as a whole was involved in the Great War; this includes Women and Aboriginal Canadians who did their part at home and on the battlefields.

After that, if you are curious for more, you can check out one of the books on display in the Kelowna Campus library lobby, or from the collections of any of the OC Campus libraries.

Vimy Ridge, France

Canadian Memorial, Vimy Ridge, France


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