Fake News/Post-Truth

Hahow-to-spot-fake-news-1-1ve you heard the news? It might be fake! Reading between the headlines has never been more important, or more difficult. But how can we figure out what’s true and what’s not? On a recent blog post, the International Federation of Library Associations [IFLA] shared this infographic, which IFLA based on an article from FactCheck.org, “How to Spot Fake News“.

Another infographic making the rounds attempts to chart the quality of news organizations across the political spectrum. Created by a blogger called Votero, the image has generated a tsunami of online conversation, and encourages us to question our news sources and consider their biases. It also requires us to think about the questions in the first infographic: who is Votero? what are his/her biases?



The most important tool available to all of us is free, simple, and easy to use: the question. Ask plenty of them. Ask them repeatedly. Ask them of everything. Ask them of yourself, ask them of other people. A curious, inquisitive mind is the antithesis of fake news and post-truth. Use liberally.

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