AudioCine Feature Film Streaming Video Database Now On Trial

Audi Cine FilmsThose who use the Criterion on Demand database will be eager to learn the Library now has a trial running with Audio Cine Films. This streaming video database allows OC users to stream feature films from on or off-campus, for both classroom and personal use. Audio Ciné holds licenses to many of the titles and studios unavailable through Criterion. Audio Ciné is one of the largest non-theatrical film rights representatives in Canada, with exclusive rights to one of the largest film libraries available. The current trial contains a selection of titles that are available from Audio Cine. Some examples of titles currently available include:

  • film1Apollo 13
  • Gandhi
  • Schindler’s List
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Wall-E
  • The Social Network
  • Cars
  • Frozen
  • Inside Out
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Annie Hall
  • Moneyball
  • West Side Story
  • And many others…

Audi Cine manages copyrights related to the public presentation of films produced by the studios exclusively represented in Canada and they issue copyright licenses that allow all types of organisations to present films within a public performance environment without infringing upon the Canadian Copyright Act.

Please send feedback to the Library, or leave a comment in the box below.

3 Responses to “AudioCine Feature Film Streaming Video Database Now On Trial”

  1. Kevin Douglas Says:

    Very poor selection. I’ve seen every feature film they offer.

    • oclib Says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Audio Cine is a brand new database and currently running in beta mode, with new content being added on an ongoing basis (more titles have been added in just the last couple of weeks), so what is available now is not the complete collection. Audio Cine represents Walt Disney, Universal, Sony, MGM, HBO, as well as a number of other studios (which you can find here, Titles released by these studios would all be considered as potential content to be added, and Audio Cine is looking for feedback on what content to add, so if you have some specific titles you would like included, feel free to let us know and we will pass your requests on to them. The trial is live until December, so you may want to check back a few more times to see how the selection changes over the next few months.

    • Kevin Douglas Says:

      I see that the database has grown a bit. The Disney connection would be extremely valuable, if they offer hard-to-find things like the old True Life Adventure documentaries. Maybe some of the old MGM movies that are hard to find on DVD – there’s one called ‘Eskimo’ from 1933 that I’d love to see.

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