Kelowna Library Construction to Improve Services – Almost Complete!

serviceThe construction at the Kelowna Campus Library is almost complete! The newly built space will house the College’s Local Interest Collection, and will also provide a collaborative area for use by librarians to work with groups of students. The new Local History Room will provide a space for the Library’s current Local Interest Collection to move from the L101 meeting room to a home of its own, keeping the Collection safer and making it more accessible to the College community.

circdeskThe research help desk is back to its regular location and librarians are providing regular research help Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm. Librarians are also available on-call, so don’t be dissuaded from getting help if you don’t see a person sitting at the desk.

We apologize for the noise and inconvenience, which may occur for a short while longer Although noisy at the moment, we look forward to the improved services this renovation will provide!

For any concerns and enquiries, please ask staff at the Circulation counter or Michelle Ward, Kelowna Campus Librarian.

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