Open Education Resources & Open Data

International Open Access Week took place October 19 – 25th ( The Library partnered with the Educational Technology Department to organize events during the week. Two Lightning Talks were presented. The first discussed how faculty can utilize Open Data in their own research and with their classes. The second talk provided an introduction of Open Education Resources (OERs) and more specifically, Open Textbooks. Ross McKerlich from the EdTech department presented examples of Okanagan College faculty who have implemented Open Textbooks for their courses, as well as OC faculty who have participated in the creation of these texts.

More about open textbooksOER_info

From BCcampus: “An open textbook is licensed openly, so it’s free for you to use, re-use, modify, and adapt to fit your course requirements without the need for further copyright permission.” So what are the benefits of using open textbooks? For educators, open textbooks provide flexibility, for students, these textbooks are free (yes, FREE!). Open textbooks are an affordable, flexible alternative to traditionally-published textbooks. All textbooks through BC Campus are peer-reviewed and available for a wide variety of subject areas. Since 2012, open textbooks have saved BC post-secondary students more than $500,000! To learn more about the growing movement that is changing education, visit

If Open Textbooks or Open Data are of interest to you, contact the Library or the Educational Technology Department to learn more.

Open Research Data Presentation:

For more information about using open data in your research or your classes, contact our Data Librarian, Jessica Gallinger.

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