Science Literacy Week – September 21 – 27

Science Literacy WeekScience Literacy Week Poster was an event taking place across Canada to promote the public understanding of science. Throughout the week people from across the country discussed the wonder of scientists and their work through book displays, links to great content, lectures and speaker talks, and hands on activities. Learn more about events that occurred in your area by visiting the Science Literacy Week website.

Specifically created for Science Literacy Week at OC, our Library guide highlights the AccessScience database, as well as online versions of Scientific American, Science News, New Scientist, Popular Science, and more.

Science Literacy Week Events

The Vernon Campus Library featured displays of interesting and attractive science publications held on campus, a Seed Library display, a functioning weather station, hands on science experiments, Canadian scientists displayed on the TV monitor, and highlights from student’s ecology poster project.

Okanagan Regional Library, Vernon – Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Jim Single gave a talk on, “From Idea to Scientific Consensus: How Does Science Know What it Knows?”Science Literacy Week

Jim has taught science content for many years and has found that it works best by starting with an imaginary hypothesis, and then going through the stages that idea would have to go through to become generally accepted. He does something imaginary, because many people have one or two issues where they fight the scientific consensus, and then instead of looking at the structure of the problem, the whole thing gets bogged down in unproductive non-scientific argument. By focusing on a hypothetical case, Jim says more people are able to stay with the process and understand the basic structure.

Media titles that may be of interest

  • The Nature of Things: Decoding Desire, Myth or Science, or maybe classics?
  • 1000 Days for the Planet
  • 1905: year of Light: Einstein’s Important Discovery
  • Out from the Shadows
  • Body Corporate: Who Owns Your Genes?

Films on Demand: Health & Medicine

  • Chemerical
  • Moyers & Company: The Toxic Politics of Science
  • A Dangerous Future: Years of Living Dangerously
  • Expanding Universe: Wonders of Life (BBC)

National Film Board of Canada

  • From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning
  • Origin of Life on Earth
  • Paradise Lost
  • Pocket Desert: Confessions of a Snaker Killer (South Okanagan and Similkameen focus)
  • Death of a Legend


  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyseey (Salmon Arm Library)
  • Life (BBC) (Kelowna Library)

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