Redirect your Academic Search Premier permalinks to Academic Search Complete

UpdatedThe Library has upgraded from the Academic Search Premier (ASP) database to Academic Search Complete (ASC). ASC contains more full-text journal coverage, providing you with better access to the content you need! If you have created permalinks (also known as permanent URLs, PURLs, or Bookmarkable URLs) to individual articles, journals, or search results within the Academic Search Premier database, we encourage you to update your links to point to Academic Search Complete, rather than ASP. Access to ASP will remain indefinitely, however, users may use permalinks to access content in Academic Search Premier and then continue to search in ASP, therefore missing the additional content available in Academic Search Complete.

StarUpdating permalinks is quick and easy, and requires a simple change to a single letter. To update an ASP link to ASC, simply change the portion of the URL that says “db=aph” to “db=a9h”.

For example, a permalink in Academic Search Premier (ASP):

To change the permalink to Academic Search Complete (ASC):

If you need to update permalinks from CINAHL with full text to CINAHL Complete, the process is very similar. A link in CINAHL Full Text will look similar to: It will need to be updated to: Essentially replacing the c8h database code to ccm.

Please contact the Web Services Librarian if you have any questions.

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