Display – Stories of the First World War as Told in Maps

WW1 Maps on DisplayIn conjunction with Remembrance Day and the centenary of the First World War, the Kelowna Campus Library  collaborated with faculty members to present a major display feature located in the Library foyer, November 8-20.

The display featured a distinctive and original presentation of the military, as well as human stories of the catastrophic war that changed the world. To truly understand the broader lessons of where, why and how the First World War was fought, requires maps. Maps provide geographic context, portray the environment, and document the tactics and strategy of war. The 22 maps presented were not only sources of information, they are also were extraordinary in their diversity, poignancy and storytelling power. The maps presented Tour of Map Displayartifacts, actually handled by people who fought the war. The maps were sometimes taken into the battlefields, sometimes lost and captured by the enemy, and sometimes brought back as souvenirs. Other maps were handled by people at home, trying to follow their loved ones as best they could. These maps brought meaning to their users who kept them. For Canadians 100 years later, these maps tell important stories, the lessons of which must be remembered.

The maps were on loan from the private collection of Terence Day, Professor in the Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences department at Okanagan College. Additionally, Professor Day conducted a guided tour of the map display. The display also featured Library books that support studies and research in the history of the First World War.

The display ran the 8th to 20th of November at Okanagan College, KLO Road, Kelowna. Library foyer (2nd floor of the Centre for Learning).

Inquiries regarding this display may be sent to Michelle Ward, Kelowna Campus Librarian, 250-7625445 ext 4749.

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