Criterion-on-Demand ON TRIAL! Access 2000+ Major Motion Pictures

Movies IconCriterion-on-Demand is a streaming media service that offers access to 2000+ major motion pictures, largely Hollywood films. This resource is on trial until December 31, 2014 and your feedback would be appreciated. COD provides instructors with the opportunity to show a wide array of videos in class or provides the option of including movies as part of class assignments.

Criterion-on-Demand represents a large number of feature film producers, including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG, Sony Pictures Classics, Warner Brothers, and many more. The title selection includes 1920 classics, new release movies, foreign films, literary adaptations, documentaries, animated titles, and independent films. Videos can be streamed live or downloaded for a two-day loan period.

Some highlights of this video collection include:

  • 1500+ English titles and 1100+ French titles
  • Approximately 135 Foreign Language Films with English Subtitles
  • More than 100 Documentary Features
  • Closed Captioned Titles when Available
  • Download and/or Streaming Capabilities with unlimited 24-7 Access
  • Programs available in Windows Media Player with DRM protection

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