Updated Food & Drink Policy

Lunch BoxThe Library has updated its food and drink policy for all campus libraries. The policy ensures a comfortable and welcoming environment for all library users, and also protects library materials and equipment.

Snack food and drinks in covered containers may be consumed in study carrels, study rooms, 3rd floor (Kelowna), and in the Penticton, Salmon Arm and Vernon soft seating areas.

Food and drink are not allowed near computer workstations, other Library equipment or in the Special Collections room (Kelowna).

What is permitted?

  • Drinks in spill-proof containers or drinks with secured lids
  • Sandwiches and snack foods that do not disturb others (no loud or smelly foods)

What is not permitted?

  • Open drinks
  • Foods that may disturb others (such as hot or messy, strong-smelling or noisy, foods known to cause severe allergic reactions)

With these new rules we ask that you please be considerate and dispose of waste in the recycling and waste containers provided.

Library staff members reserve the right to determine which food and drink items are acceptable within the Library. If you have a problem or complaint regarding disruptive food consumption please find a library staff member and they will respond to the situation.

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