New! Safari® Tech Books Online

Safari Tech BooksStudents and staff at the College can now access Safari Tech Books Online and find more than 21,000 digital books and videos on topics ranging from programming to IT networking to project management to graphic design to business strategy. Access code snippets, certification preparation materials, practice exercises, training videos and much more. Search thousands of books simultaneously online via your computer, tablet, or mobile device and quickly finding the information you need. Access is currently limited to two simultaneous users.

Safari’s list of publishing partners has grown to well over 100, including over 85% of the world’s top technology publishers. The interactive platform provides a powerful search engine with features such as:

  • Safari Tech BooksKeyword, phrase, author, ISBN, publisher, or category search options
  • Thumbnails of book covers in the hit list
  • Relevancy-ranked results for both books and terms
  • Hit lists of book chapters containing the search terms
  • Keywords in context in the hit list
  • Cut-and-paste code fragments to save time and eliminate typos

Each title contains a complete table of contents with chapter links for easy browsing. All charts, graphs, and other images are included as originally published, ensuring total access to the entire range of content offered in each title.

Questions? Contact the Library.

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