Passport Cities & Survey trial has ended

WorldThe trial period for access to two new sections of Passport GMID, Cities and Survey, has now ended.  The new modules were on trial until December 6th. Let us know what you thought by sending feedback to the Library’s Business Liaison Librarian, Lindsay Willson.  Survey was accessible in the black navigation bar near the top of the page, and Cities was available by hovering over Countries & Consumers in the black navigation bar.

Cities provides socio-economic information for 850 cities worldwide, in two tiers. Tier 1 cities provide GDP, employment, population, number of business establishments, household income, tourism and more. Tier 2 cities have information on population and household income. Canadian cities include Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in the tier 1 category, and Ottawa – Gatineau, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec, Hamilton, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener, Victoria, Buffalo-Saint Catharines, Halifax in the tier 2 category.

ChartSurvey provides reports and data about consumers in specific countries. Alas, Canada is not included, however the US and Australia are, along with select countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific. Topics include how consumers feel about healthy living, green influences, technology and spending, among many other areas.

The new sections were available from within the existing Passport GMID.

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