Mosby’s Nursing Skills Now Available

healthThank you to everyone who sent feedback for the Mosby’s Nursing Skills trial! After receiving positive responses from students and faculty, the Library has decided to license this resource. Access Mosby’s here, via our e-resources listing, and look for links within Research Guides and Moodle.

Mosby’s Skills is part of Elsevier’s Mosby’s Suite, an online solution that provides continuing education, skills reference and evidence-based support at the point of care. Mosby’s Skills brings over 1,200 evidence-based skills and procedures together with competency management functionality to meet the learning and reference needs of OC students and staff.

Resources Include:

  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • National standards
  • The Joint Commission, CMS, OSHA etc.
  • Authoritative nursing textbooks including:
    • AACN, Procedure Manual for Critical Care
    • AACN, Procedure Manual for Pediatric Acute and Critical Care
    • Perry & Potter, Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques
    • Proehl, Emergency Nursing Procedures
    • Hockenberry: Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children
  • Images for Maternal-Newborn Skills courtesy of:
    • Murray, S.S., McKinney, E.S. (2010). Foundations of maternal-newborn nursing, (5th ed). St. Louis: Saunders
    • Lowdermilk, D.L., and others (2012). Maternity & women’s health care (10th ed.)

3 Responses to “Mosby’s Nursing Skills Now Available”

  1. Laura Muller-Bot Says:

    I’m really enjoying this. It makes things from class so much easier to take notes from. I can also quickly find the skills I need; some of which aren’t in my text.

  2. oclib Says:

    Thanks for your feedback! Stay tuned for the result of the trial.

  3. Jenny Monaghan Says:

    Please keep this I find it really helpful!!!

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