Kelowna Library display comes to an end – Canadians at War & as Peacekeepers

Canadians at War & as Peacekeepers

Fran and Tanisha presenting the Library display

Library staff member, Fran Drummond shows library student page, Tanisha Suzuki through fascinating finer details of the Library display she helped curate.

The foyer “frontline” was marked by a unique selection of military maps from the private collection of Terence Day (OC Geography, Earth & Environmental Science department). Some maps that were showcased:

  • Map for the planned German invasion of the UK in 1940
  • Silk escape map of Norway, c. 1944
  • “Top Secret” invasion map of Okinawa, 1945
  • Road map used by British Red Cross ambulance driver, Ypres (Belgium) in Second World War
  • Vietnamese map of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), printed on the reverse of a captured US map, 1977
  • Landmine map, Stanley area, Falkland Islands, 1990
  • Patrol map of Kandahar area, Afghanistan, 2007

Military personnel gear from the field, boots and all (berets, helmets, and insignia) were kindly been shared by Howard Hisdal & family (OC History department) and Chris Drummond & family (OC Library). The multimedia feature also highlighted Library books, e-books and media that support studies and research in Canadian and world history.

Please contact Michelle Ward, Kelowna Campus Librarian, ext 4749, for more information

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