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OC Sociology + Interdisciplinary Studies Professor’s Recently Published Book (& E-Book!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Melissa Munn and co-author Chris Bruckert recently published the book, On the outside: From lengthy imprisonment to lasting freedom. The book is available electronically, in print at the Vernon campus library, and in Special Collections.

Other OC library material by Munn and Bruckert include an essay in Rights and voices: Criminology at the University of Ottawa and the book Getting out, staying out: Words of wisdom from successful former long-term prisoners  as well as a number of journal articles.

“From the passage of Bill C-10, with its punitive, tough-on-crime provisions, to sensationalist media accounts of dangerous ex-convicts, it is evident that Canada is a country that is taking an increasingly hard line on crime. The truth is, however, that the vast majority of prisoners who serve out their sentences do not re-offend, but rather reintegrate into society and never see the inside of a prison cell again. Why, then, is there such a lack of focus on successful resettlement — not only by politicians and journalists but also in criminology research? 

This silence regarding those who “make good” perpetuates the illusion of the “dangerous ex-convict” and renders invisible the complex and sometimes treacherous path out of prison. On the Outside illuminates that journey, exploring the post-carceral lives of men who have successfully resettled into the community after serving at least a decade in Canada’s penitentiaries. Discussing the transition from imprisonment, release, and re-entry through to the challenges of resettlement, this book will change the way you think about Canada’s prisoners and open up the debate on the perils of tough-on-crime legislation” (UBC Press, 2013). 

New Article Published for OC English Professor

Saturday, October 26, 2013

WritingOC English professor Matt Kavanagh has recently published an essay in the online American literary journal, The Millions.

The essay, titled “Paper Tiger: Irish Financial Fiction after the Bust”, examines recent financial fiction by Irish writers seeking to make sense of the 2008 recession. Kavanagh’s project continues, and looks at the fictional representations of finance.

Excerpt: “Irish writers have begun to take stock of the post-Tiger years in ways that attest to the global nature of the bust. Two in particular, Aifric Campbell and Alan Glynn, offer compelling if wildly divergent responses to the challenge of representing in fictional terms what Campbell calls “the closed world” of the financial industry” (Kavanagh, 2013).

Need help? Try a course or subject guide!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

draft_versionsAre you struggling to find the information you need for your assignment? Maybe you are finding too much information, or not enough on your specific topic. Librarians have created research guides just for you! Browse by topic, subject, or course and find everything you need to know about getting reliable, helpful information. Research guides can be accessed via the Library website’s home page.

New guides this term include:

Updated guides include:

New Online Resources for Technologies

Friday, October 11, 2013

fontsCan a grasp on some of those complicated topics with these new online reference sources.  Below are just a selection of AccessEngineering’s new titles. Don’t miss other added content, including exclusive white-boarded videos, and other essential online resources.

New October titles:

  • Distillation Operation, Kister, 1990
  • Public Infrastructure Asset Management, 2nd ed., Uddin, 2013
  • Handbook for Quality Management, 2nd ed., Pyzdek, 2012
  • Modelling and Simulation in Biomedical Engineering, Van Meurs, 2011
  • Vibrations of Continuous Systems, Leissa, 2011

AccessEngineering is available here, or browse the wide array of online resources related to these subject areas.

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