Pay Printing Begins May 6 at the College

Copyright Leo ReynoldsAs part of its commitment to sustainability, both environmental and financial, Okanagan College is now using print management software to implement a charge for all student printing and copying on campus. The Pay Per Print model will be launched for students on Monday, May 6.

Students will continue to print and copy for free on Okanagan College campuses until May 6. An information campaign for students will begin Tuesday, April 23, to inform current and incoming students about the new processes involved in printing and copying on campus.

Information on the new Pay Per Print model, how to add credit to your account, and printing costs can be found here. An FAQ has also been developed to help smooth the transition and answer common questions. Students can purchase credit online via PayPal beginning May 6, or cash vouchers may be purchased beginning May 1 at the Kelowna Campus Store or any Okanagan College Library. Vouchers can be loaded onto Pay Per Print accounts beginning May 6. Click here to login to your Pay Per Print account. The Terms and Conditions of print and copy accounts can be found here.

Please note that printers in the Library are set to print double-sided as the default. We strongly encourage users to use the “print preview” feature prior to printing, to avoid printing unnecessary pages. 

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