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New Reference E-Books

Thursday, December 13, 2012

BookDid you know the Library provides access to many online reference titles? These sources are great for finding background information on topics that range from being very specific to broad. These reference titles are scholarly and peer-reviewed. Users can browse the table of contents, search within a volume, or search across volumes. Many titles include images and maps.

You can access these online reference titles from home or on-campus. There are multiple ways to find reference e-books:

  • The Library home page provides a direct link to online reference sources, which includes both individual titles and databases that provide access to reference titles.
  • The Library Catalogue includes all reference titles. You can use the location limiter “reference collection”, and limit results to only include reference titles.
  • You can also visit the Library’s “Find Articles” page, which includes the Library’s listing of electronic resources. Highly relevant reference e-book titles are included in the listing of electronic resources.
  • OCtopus provides a single search box to find online reference titles. Try a keyword search for encyclopedia, dictionary, or other reference source types, to find reference titles.

ebookNewly available titles include:

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