New! Borrow ebrary & EBSCO e-books!

New! Borrow an ebrary e-book. You are now able to research authoritative and scholarly sources from the comfort of your own computer or device, whether on or offline. OC Library has a growing number of ebooks that reflect and support your educational, research, and study goals.

Users can download complete ebooks via ebrary and eBooks on EBSCOhost platforms, to compatible personal devices and home computers via Adobe Digital Editions. Borrowing periods are 7 to 14 days. Complete downloads are not available for all titles.

Ebooks are flexible. You can find, access, and use ebooks from anywhere – as long as you have an Internet connection. You can access an e-book without an internet connection if you have downloaded to your computer or handheld device. You do not have to be in the Library or even on campus to do your reading and research!

Ebooks are searchable. Generally speaking, you can search the full-text of an e-book using keywords and keyword phrases.

Ebooks work with you. Many ebooks allow you to highlight, bookmark, and save notes in a digital space.

Find ebooks. In OCtopus, enter the keywords that reflect your topic and select e-book or Book as Resource Type. In the Library catalogue, use the location limiter online.

View ebooks. All ebooks at OC Library can be viewed on any PC (Mac or Windows), and many ebooks can be viewed on tablets, iPhones, and e-readers.

Download ebooks. Some ebooks allow you to download portions in PDF format, which you can save and view at a later date on your computer or mobile device. The entirety of some select ebrary ebooks may be downloaded to compatible personal devices and home computers.

Ebrary PosterEbrary Platform:

Browse and search the Library’s ebrary e-book/e-document collection here.

  • You can find an overview of your download options here,  or you can follow these directions to download an entire document as an e-book. Follow these directions in order to transfer downloaded e-books to an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad):

For more information you can read a quick guide to ebrary or view short video on using the ebrary platform.

eBooks on EBSCOhost Poster

eBooks on EBSCOhost Platform:

Browse and search the Library’s eBooks on EBSCOhost e-book collection here.

You can get help and find out more information on searching and downloading eBooks from EBSCO here. You can find device specific (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android) information here.

  • This user guide offers step-by-step instructions for using the features of eBooks on EBSCOhost.
  • Click here to learn how to search and use the eBook viewer tool.
  • To learn how to download eBooks from EBSCOhost click here.
  • Find out how to transfer an eBook to a portable eReader device using Adobe Digital Editions here, or you can try this link.

In order for an eReader device to be used with eBooks on EBSCOhost, it must be compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. You can find a list of compatible devices here.

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