Welcome New & Returning Students!

Another year is upon us and the Library is ready for another great term. We have some exciting changes and new resources that we hope you will take advantage of this year.

Our most exciting addition is the new library-specific search engine. You may have noticed the search box on the Library’s home page. This Google-like search box allows you to search simultaneously across all types of library resources. Looking for scholarly resources related to global warming? Try a search for global warming and you will get results that include articles from periodicals, books, media, and more! Users were previously required to access specific databases, the Library catalogue, or our listing of electronic journals to find information. Now users can search using a single box and get results from multiple sources. When looking for more specific or specialized information, accessing specific databases and the Library catalogue directly will provide the most relevant results, but our new search engine is a great place to start your research. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting new search tool.

What else is new?

  • Inter-library loan policies have changed. Visit the ILL page on the Library’s website to find out more.
  • The Library is now using an electronic resource management (ERM) system to organize its databases. You may notice our Find Articles page looks very different.
  • Library policy pages: A number of library policies have been updated and policies are now publically available from the Library’s website.

Questions? Library staff are here to help! Feel free to ask any library staff member if you have a question.Visit the Library’s contact us page for additional contact information.

Looking for help with assignments or research? Visit your campus library’s reference desk and a friendly librarian would be happy to help.

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