Printing or computer problems?

The computers in many of the campus libraries have been causing some confusion for our users. Here are the most common problems people have been experiencing:

1. “I clicked print but nothing is coming out!”

Two solutions:

What is your default printer? When you hit print, you must select a printer. Some computers have a default setting to print to Microsoft XPS document writer or OneNote. These are not printers. To select the proper printer, hit print, in the box that pops up click the arrow on the name box and select the correct printer for your library location. These printer names usually begin with an abbreviation for the campus you are at. IT is currently working on a permanent solution to this problem.

If you are printing from blackboard and your print job does not come out, you may have to save the document, then open the saved PDF and try to print again.

2. “My computer freezes when I try to logon.”

Well, actually it is not freezing, the computers are just very slow. Please be patient, IT is still working out some glitches!

3. “I put in my student number and date of birth to logon for the first time and I get an error message!”

Are you SURE it is an error message? A pop-up should come up prompting you to change your password. Please read these pop-ups!

Are you providing your date of birth in the correct format? See the signs located around computer terminals for exact instructions.

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