JSTOR Platform Update: Revised Sept. 2nd

UPDATED (again)!

JSTOR received strong reactions from the academic community on their recent database platform changes, and have therefore made additional adjustments.

Revisions include:

  • the default search form option set to licensed content only (meaning, the content registered OC users can access): “Include only content I can access” on the Advanced Search form will be selected by default. Users can deselect the checkbox if they wish to search all content.
  • Other JSTOR search forms (the new basic search box on each page, the Citation Locator, and search within a journal) will default to searching only licensed content.
  • After receiving search results for any search, users can still choose to view all results for all content including unlicensed content.

This news release summarizes the initial changes, as well as the most recent updates.

Previous JSTOR database changes made August 21, 2010 are outlined below.

When accessing the JSTOR database you may be surprised to find an updated user interface. There are a couple of changes you may want to be aware of to make searching as seamless as possible.

Some new features include:

  • The ability to browse by discipline from the basic search page
  • The capability to add more search fields, and the choice to include only content you can access
  • Proficiency to run and manage saved searches
  • Access icons on results pages that indicate what users have access to at their library
  • Access icons indicating articles are available from external websites
  • The ability to export or e-mail multiple citations
  • Searchable help pages
  • Other features that can be explored by looking at the video or PDF below, or by exploring the site itself

In the advanced search screen, please note:

  • If you would like full-access to the content you are searching, rather than simply a citation, click the “Include only content I can access” box.
  • If you do not mind being redirected to another website to get access to content, you can keep the “Include links to external content” box checked.

For a detailed overview of the platform update and new features, you can look at this PDF, or watch the video below.

Don’t be afraid to look at the tutorial offered, it may help answer some questions you have or provide you with insightful information.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask a librarian!

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